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Jenn and Kelli offer more than 30 years of nursing experience, including 20+ years of neonatal specialization. Both are Registered Nurses, fully Certified Educators, and heavily recommended by their clients and students.

We Love Our Clients

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn when my son was one day old. I get emotional just thinking about it. As a first time mom, breastfeeding can present challenges. It doesn’t mean that it’s always challenging, but even when it’s hard for two minutes, you can really lose confidence. The hospital sent a couple of lactation consultants in, and I didn’t click with any of them. They seemed to want to help, but when they left my room, I seemed to be in worse shape than when they came in. All that changed when I met Jenn.

    Jenn was so calming, so helpful, so wonderful, so caring, and so darn good at her work! I spent a couple hours with her and it made all the difference in the world in terms of my confidence to feed my baby. She wasn’t pushy. She gave me the facts, gave me tips, and increased my confidence. And what I love so much is that she is still in my life. We have another baby now, and Jenn helped overcome some challenges with him too. I consider her a part of my ‘team’ and people that I love. She is a part of my earliest memories with my baby, and in the most positive way possible. I love her and everything she does for her mamas and babies. You will love working with Jenn. Whether it’s a big issue or a small issue, what she has to offer is endless.

    Erika Mandel
    First-Time Mom
  • Jennifer was such a tremendous help to me when I had my son. I am a first time mom and breast feeding was completely foreign to me. Jenn came in and really coached me on how to successfully get my son to latch. She was so calm and reassuring when I was a nervous wreck. She was able to assess my situation and show me the best way to get our breast feeding relationship moving in the right direction.

    And it didn’t stop there – she took the time to follow up with me after the fact and see how I was doing and provide additional support. She helped me feel empowered and capable which was more than I could have asked for.

    Sarah Baylis
    First-Time Mom
  • As a practicing Postpartum Doula, it’s imperative for me to have resources to provide my new Mommas. Jennifer Wasson is my go-to IBCLC for all of my clients! She is wonderfully compassionate, brilliant, and capable of helping any new nursing Momma navigate the, sometimes scary, terrain of breastfeeding. She exudes passion for Momma and baby and is genuinely sincere in everything she says and does. She is an active listener and has a healing and calming touch. When considering an IBCLC, she is top notch! I am honored and privileged to call her my colleague.
    Kate Vosta
    Postpartum Doula