Jenn’s Story

I grew up in Michigan and began my nursing career in 1994. I spent my first 9 ½ years in adult SICU and Cardiac Catheterization Lab/holding units. My life was forever changed with the birth of my daughter, Grace, in 2003. Rather than returning to adults after my 3 month leave, I returned to nursing as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse, and I have been a baby nurse ever since!

As an exclusively breastfeeding mom, returning to work was very difficult for me. I had no breastfeeding education or support system of any kind. I read everything I could on breastfeeding and Grace and I learned what worked for us. I pumped at night so my mother would have expressed breast milk (EBM) to feed Grace when I returned to work. Once back to work, I pumped anywhere I could. I even had to pump in the corner of a restroom, my back to the women coming in and out, because the only AC outlet for my breast pump wouldn’t stretch into a stall.

We managed to breastfeed until Grace’s first birthday, despite 2 cases of the worst mastitis my OB had ever seen. I loved every minute of breastfeeding my daughter; not only because breastfeeding was the single most important thing I could do for Grace, but also for the incredible love and bond we share, which was strengthened by our breastfeeding experience.

Having to struggle to make my breastfeeding successful, I understand what moms are facing. Working in the hospital, I have spent thousands of hours helping moms with breastfeeding, providing support and feeding EBM and donor EBM to their babies. I see, on a daily basis, the growing need for in-home lactation education and support. Many moms are not receiving strong breastfeeding assistance while in the hospital, and if they are not successful in the 2-3 days they are in-patient, they are discharged and have few, if any, resources. Even if they are successful in the hospital, oftentimes, they face new concerns or challenges once home and have no one to assist them. There is a limited window of time to make breastfeeding successful, otherwise the opportunity is lost.

It is my passion to help moms be confident and successful in their breastfeeding. My goal is to educate, assist and support all families. I am here to help make your newborn period and breastfeeding a healthy, happy and successful experience.