Kelli’s Story

I am a mother of two beautiful girls. Breastfeeding for me presented many challenges and unfortunately I was not successful. My lack of success led me to curiosity and self education of the breastfeeding process. Through my education I was led to become an IBCLC. My focus has now turned to supporting and helping mothers reach their breastfeeding goals, supporting the biological relationship of breastfeeding, and educating caregivers of the importance of breastfeeding and human milk.

I am also currently an RN. For over ten years I have helped and cared for mothers, newborns, NICU infants, preemies and families during their stay in the hospital. I was also given the position of Lactation Consultant in the hospital. During my experience in the hospital I have observed how mothers do not get the breastfeeding support they need due to time restraints and the business of the hospital process.

It is vital that mothers get support prenatally, early postpartum and during the first weeks of breastfeeding in order to have the greatest success.

My goal is to provide support and education to all breastfeeding dyads and caregivers throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.